About Us

Callisto Windows are a leading manufacturer and fabricator of uPVC windows and doors. Our profiles are manufactured at our Government approved, ISO certified factory in China, with 100% in-house production at our fabrication facilities in Manesar, Gurgaon India, to ensure timely delivery and installation. Together, we bring you a product unrivalled in form and function.

Callisto has gained an enviable reputation for manufacturing high quality, bespoke window and door solutions for major developers and construction companies, with over 20 man years of experience in the uPVC industry.

We have become well known in the uPVC industry for our design and technical support. Our experienced team work closely with all our clients to ensure that their requirements are met from design stage all the way through to installation and handover, under the guidance of our fully qualified consultants and technicians.

We enjoy the challenge of working with innovative and complex designs as well as producing high quality standard products, whilst you work hand in hand with our professional design and technology team, to help enhance your projects.

Callisto is committed to providing our customers with an exceptional standard of products, through continuous improvements in our manufacturing process, quality and level of service. This commitment is reflected by our focus on nurturing customer relationships and supplying a high quality solution, through our flexible approach to manufacturing and installation, as per our clients' requirements.

We are specialists in providing window and door solutions for group housing projects, offering a lifetime guarantee on all profiles, along with a full, on site after sales and maintenance service. We offer the largest selection of accessories and hardware available in India, along with our sampling facility available to all potential clients.

We are also committed to continuously monitoring and improving our environmental performance by using energy and natural resources in a more efficient and sustainable way, working closely with customers and suppliers to this end.

An increasing number of homeowners and developers are turning to uPVC when looking to install the residential windows and doors in their properties and projects. Exposure to the elements and frequent use means that windows and doors are especially vulnerable to wear and tear. If you need to freshen up your house, installing uPVC windows and doors could provide the ideal solution. We know that replacing the windows and doors in your property, or adding them to your home, are all significant and long term investments. That is why it is important that you select uPVC window and door systems that will give you a quality product which will last for years.

Callisto windows and doors are made from highly durable materials, which are reinforced with galvanised steel. Our window and door systems do not shrink, swell or rot over time. With the unique welding process, along with top quality design and manufacturing, we ensure a high level of stability and durability in the toughest conditions.

Callisto window and door systems also come with various sound proofing features of sealing technology, such as double glazing and multi-chamber profiles that keep the noise out, giving you complete acoustic comfort. Our Profiles can in fact incorporate single , double and even triple glazing.

No home in India has ever been immune to the eccentricities of the city: street noise, dust, pollution, heat, cold, rain and wind. No matter how hard home makers have toiled to keep them out, these elements have still found ways to enter, mainly through gaps and cracks in aluminium and wood windows. This is greatly reduced by the installation of uPVC windows and doors.

We provide extraordinary windows for extraordinary conditions.

As a privately owned company we bring the guarantee of stability and continuity to the market, with a high quality after sales service.

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