With the rising awareness of the environment, the constant strain on the natural resources and the ever increasing costs of energy, the world today seeks products that have evolved to suit this need.

One such innovation is the uPVC (unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride) technology in window and door systems.

Callisto Windows are committed to the environment, and offer a sustainable window solution to help improve communities and housing, throughout every stage of production, installation of our products and after sales services.

Callisto Windows are highly energy efficient. The natural ability of uPVC as a low heat conductor is further enhanced with double glazing and twin weather seals between the frame and sash of the window thereby bringing about a high thermal insulation that is unparalleled. With the absence of the exchange of hot and cold air through the window, the long term air conditioning or heating costs are significantly reduced.

Callisto uPVC window and door profiles are made of top quality materials, which are designed and manufactured to extremely high standards, which ensure that they can withstand temperatures ranging from -50 c to +70 c. The profiles are welded at an angle to provide high tensile strength. The high quality and durability of our products provide a lifetime in excess of 30 years, giving peace of mind to all our clients.

uPVC is an excellent, highly insulate material, which benefits from little or no maintenance. It is readily available and very well tested.

We offer a variety of window and door profiles which are manufactured using state of the art production lines and machinery. This ensures that we meet international quality and regulatory standards.

All of our products are designed with you in mind, to enhance your home whilst providing energy efficiency and durability. uPVC windows and doors made by Callisto will greatly improve the look of your property, last for years and improve your home's energy efficiency, helping you save money, and improving the environment. We constantly re-assess how our impact on the environment can be minimised – one of the ways we do this is to re-cycle 100% of all manufacturing off-cuts in the production of our window profiles. You can rest assured that by choosing Callisto you are choosing an environmentally friendly solution.

As ‘green’ becomes the new color of construction, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has issued separate certification criteria for green buildings, green schools, green SEZs and green homes. The government too has published its own green rating criteria known as GRIHA.

As the focus shifts to 'green' buildings, Callisto grows in relevance. Performance tests show Callisto windows save nearly 30% energy through their insulative properties, welded frame, double-glazing, airtight sealing and hardware. The windows keep pollutants (noise and dust) at bay, thereby improving the environment indoors. The absence of VOC content makes the windows safe in the long term.

Callisto uPVC is environmentally friendly. The energy used in the production of the uPVC blend is a quarter the amount it takes to make aluminium. The uPVC is recyclable and outlasts buildings. All these add up to 'green' features that earn critical LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design) Rating Points.

Callisto UPVC is 100% recyclable, making it completely environmentally friendly, and all profiles are extruded from virgin raw materials.

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